Angelyn Wong relishes transforming small spaces into welcoming homes

After graduating, Angelyn Wong found her passion in the field of interior design, joining Rezt+Relax. Requesting training, she became an apprentice under one of the company’s creative leads and it was that which gave her a head start. Twelve years later, she works as a senior designer, and she remains excited about the work. Primarily designing interiors for smaller units in cities with high populations such as Singapore, Angelyn has to use her creativity to balance the utilisation of space with a comfortable living environment for her clients. A great example is a project she recently completed for an overseas customer in Gramercy Park. The brief was to create a hotel-like space that had gold accents throughout. Angelyn researched boutique and international hotel chains to gain inspiration, and eventually designed a luxurious suite that provided ample space for guests and family. She incorporated custom-made wall displays in the living spaces and warm lighting panels to balance the natural lighting. The bedrooms were designed around darker wood tones with shades of gray, and roman blinds complemented each room. In the end, the customer was left with a stunning apartment which was perfect for holidays. The work of Angelyn Wong goes to show that even in limited spaces, interior design can produce grand results. For more information or enquiries, contact the Rezt+Relax Interior Design Hotline at +65 9727 7404.

Interior design is a field that Angelyn Wong was drawn to right after graduation, without any prior experience. Yet she found a sense of fulfilment when she saw the joy on clients’ faces as they entered a home tailored just for them. She requested training and was taken in as an apprentice by one of Rezt+Relax’s creative leads for a year, and it was only then that she was ready to take on her own projects. Angelyn has been working in the company for 12 years now and her love for the craft has only grown.

Primarily collaborating with clients to craft interiors for the smaller units found in Singapore and other places with dense populations, she encounters the challenge of striking a balance between space utilization and a wholesome living environment. To make up for the need for additional storage, she often applies her creativity in terms of design and layout – one of the many examples is a project that she completed in Gramercy Park.

The customer was an overseas visitor who wanted a high-end hotel experience in this second home of his. While Angelyn had a fairly short initial discussion with him, she managed to make an impression by researching boutiques and international hotel designs. This reference material enabled her to create a suite that was aesthetically grand and comfortable, utilising the available space in the best way possible. Custom-made wall displays, warm lighting, and textured walls were some of the details she incorporated to achieve the desired look.

Angelyn also introduced other colour accents in different hues and textures to various spaces of the apartment to differentiate between the different zones and make the experience more intriguing. For instance, in the living area she placed emerald green armchairs and cushions, and in the dining area used a reflecting mirror to both amplify the lighting and create the illusion of a larger space. Even in the bedrooms, she blended darker wood tones with shades of grey to ensure a soothing and comfortable ambience.

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The end result was an extraordinary apartment that boasted a grand presence despite its compact size – perfect for the customer’s visit. This goes to show that, even with limited spaces, interior design can achieve remarkable results. For more information or enquiries, contact Rezt+Relax Interior Design Hotline at +65 9727 7404.

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