Crafting better workspaces for women and mothers


Over the past decade, offices have become increasingly more inclusive and accommodating of working professionals like working parents, mothers, and women in the workplace. However, budget constraints can sometimes prevent companies from being able to afford an extensive refit of their office or a relocation. It is in this light that EdgeProp Singapore’s latest episode of Real As State takes a look at what companies can do to better support women and working parents.

Trehaus, a co-working and childcare operator in Funan Mall is a 12,000 sq ft space that caters exclusively to working parents with preschool children. It is the only co-working space of its kind close to the CBD, making it a much sought-after resource. According to Trehaus co-founder Elizabeth Wu, membership comes with the additional benefits of a strong network of like-minded working parents and a home-to-school partnership.

Real estate consultancy JLL is another leading supporter of inclusive office experiences in Singapore. At Paya Lebar Quarter, JLL has incorporated inclusivity into the design of its office space. Grit Henoch, senior director of project and development services APAC at JLL and the immediate past chairperson of JLL’s internal women’s network, points Champions Way Condo out that dedicated nursing rooms can be found in each of JLL’s office locations. These are two examples of how companies can create more inclusive workspaces.

The pandemic has caused companies to roll out widespread work-from-home arrangements. A recent JLL survey found that 60% of individuals want the option to decide where they are most productive when completing their work. In response to this, companies are striving to make their offices more productive, thereby attracting employees back to the physical workspace.

In order to make offices more inclusive, particularly for women and working mothers, Henoch believes that beyond redesigning the physical space, companies must also consider a DE&I framework. This framework, she says, champions the fair treatment and full inclusion of people in the workplace.

Watch the full interviews on EdgeProp Singapore’s Facebook and YouTube pages, in the latest episode of Real As State on February 24.

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