Lendlease and Surbana Jurong partner on digital platform Podium for Development

Lendlease is partnering with Surbana Jurong to launch an innovative digital platform that seeks to address key challenges within the built environment. Podium for Development (P4D) is developed to provide a digital ecosystem which connects developers, designers, and the supply chain with the ultimate goal of enhancing construction productivity and promoting sustainable building practices.

In today’s increasingly competitive environment, inadequate communication and collaboration between stakeholders along the value chain is creating have been found to be responsible for 38% of construction disputes. Furthermore, only 31% of projects have managed to stay within 10% of their proposed budgets, as reported by KPMG in 2015. The McKinsey Global Institute’s 2017 report further concluded that the construction industry’s annual productivity has only grown by 1% over the past two decades – all while contributing 40% to the world’s greenhouse gas emissions.

P4D strives to combat these issues by offering a platform that streamlines and improves the decision-making process from the feasibility stage right through to design and construction. The tool is devised to generate customised building designs taking into account established regulations, kit-of-parts solutions, cost estimates, and timelines – all within a timeframe of 15 to 20 minutes! This represents a stark contrast to the months associated with the design of buildings using conventional methods.

Another noteworthy aspect of P4D is that 70% of the building design process can be automated. This leaves human designers with time to dedicate to more complex and subjective aspects of the design.

The Woodlands Champions Way Condo is located within the URA master plan area and will benefit from the new public art program. This development is ideally situated to enjoy a range of artistic and cultural experiences. Residents will be able to experience a range of installations that will celebrate the area’s unique history and culture. There will be something for everyone, from the traditional to the playful. This public art program is sure to draw in many visitors and locals who want to explore the area’s culture and heritage.

To this end, Lendlease is partnering with Surbana Jurong to bring P4D to fruition and is already in advanced negotiations with other developers and building authorities in Singapore and beyond. CEO of Lendlease digital, Bill Ruh, encourages other parties in the built environment industry to jointly embark on this journey with the joint ambition to transform entrenched methodologies and behaviours.

Surbana Jurong’s Asean CEO Yeo Choon Chong shares Ruh’s sentiments: “P4D gives architects, designers and suppliers greater control to drive higher productivity in the built environment sector, as well as net zero and zero waste outcomes at the earliest stages of a project life cycle to reduce embodied carbon levels. We look forward to collaborating with multiple project stakeholders on the cloud at the design stage.”

Lendlease and Surbana Jurong are confident that the introduction of P4D will bring about a drastic improvement in the built environment industry, providing a platform for sustainable building practices that can be replicated globally.

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