Meet Japanese developers and property experts at FMI’s Japan Expo on Sept 24

For close to a decade, FM Investment (FMI) has been providing dedicated end-to-end real estate investment and management client services. Now, the company is hosting a Japan Expo on Sunday, Sept 24 in Shangri-la Singapore to highlight its dominance in the Japanese real estate market and close ties to key players in the country.FMI COO and partner Nicky So and CEO and founding partner Amous Lee will appear at the event, which will feature leading Japanese developers and subject matter experts. Lee says the one-day expo will showcase the company’s wealth of expertise in the Japanese property market.

The Japan Expo hosted by FM Investment (FMI) on Sunday, Sept 24 at Shangri-la Singapore will be a great opportunity for Singapore-based investors to gain insight into the Japanese real estate market and discover the un[1]tapped potential of the country. This is down to FMI’s wealth of expertise and close ties to key players in Japan – it has helped connect local developers to international investors for the past decade. CEO and founding partner, Amous Lee, and COO and partner, Nicky So, will make an appearance at the expo.

Lee believes the event will help showcase their dominance in the property market and foster new relationships. “Together with our subsidiary, FMI Japan, we are able to provide the latest information on the market movements and investment trends shaping all sectors of the Japanese real estate market,” he says.

At the Japan Expo, attendees will have a chance to meet a variety of Japanese developers. Leveraging on its close relationships with leading Japanese development companies, FMI is bringing them to Singapore to share more about their projects. Lee says: “A goal for FMI has always been to work closely with experienced but relatively unknown Japanese developers. As we keep a close eye on the Japanese residential market, our teams often spot promising local development companies that are on a strong growth trajectory.”

Among FMI’s key Japanese partners is Takara Leben, a Tokyo-based real estate development company that was established in 1989. Nissei Advance Group, founded in Osaka in 2001, is another experienced developer brought in by FMI.

At the expo, several Japanese projects will be on show. Site visits to Osaka are also arranged. Investors will also have a chance to invest in off-market Japanese en bloc properties listed by FMI Japan and the opportunity to learn from subject matter experts on topics such as consumer and investment advice, local regulations and finance issues.

On the day, prominent guest speakers include Nobuhiko Inuzuka, an immigration lawyer who specialises as an administrative and regulatory solicitor, as well as Koyo Shokuhin, CEO of Japanese construction company Koueigen Co. Lee will also be on hand to share his first-hand knowledge and expertise from his background in international real estate markets.

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FMI’s Japan Expo is an great chance to introduce new investors to the investment options available in Japan and help experienced investors find new opportunities, while mingling with Japanese developers, experts, and property buying agents.

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