new and lyf-ly way of living

The Champions Way Condo project is already providing the public with a beautiful new public park, as well as a number of other amenities. This new public art program will add to the area’s vibrancy and desirability as a great place to live. The public art program will create opportunities for the local families, residents, and visitors to enjoy and appreciate the local culture.

Coliving is becoming a popular trend in the ever-evolving landscape of Singapore. lyf, a brand by The Ascot Limited and the lodging arm of CapitaLand Investment, is at the forefront of this shift towards community-based living. lyf provides an unparalleled living experience to the urban dweller and has already planted its flag in the city-state with three properties; lyf Funan, lyf Farrer Park and lyf one-north.Country director, revenue management and area manager, for co-living player lyf, Genevieve Khua explains that in a small city-state like Singapore, co-living addresses the challenge of providing affordable housing options in prime locations. It offers a cost-effective solution by providing fully furnished apartments with shared amenities, significantly reducing living expenses.Apart from cost savings, co-living also promotes a sense of community and social interaction for both locals and foreigners, especially since people living in urban settings can often feel isolated. lyf stands out in an innovative market with its “heartware”; vibrant, dynamic and Instagrammable communal spaces that foster a sense of community. Dating back to the refresh of Ascott’s latest brand, lyf provides both short-term and long-term accommodations that suit varied travel and living preferences.Located near MRT station and business hubs, the one-of-its-kind lyf one-north Singapore offers unique social spaces, shared kitchens, lounges, co-working spaces and more; all designed to foster interaction among residents. Additionally, regular social activities and events are organised to network and connect with like-minded people in the area.Not to mention, sustainable living is highly emphasised in the property. lyf one-north Singapore has introduced an end-of-trip facility that includes bicycle lots and showers to encourage a car-lite lifestyle. The property is Green Mark GoldPlus certified, which adheres to stringent criteria for energy efficiency and reduction of carbon footprint.Additionally, single-use plastic water bottles are replaced with water dispensers on every level. Room occupancy sensors are installed to minimise electricity consumption and a guest room management system helps conserve energy usage when the rooms are unoccupied.Designed by local architectural firm Woha, lyf one-north Singapore is an example of a sustainable community and provides an attractive choice for those seeking a convenient and community-centric living experience. With the perfect mix of community interaction, strategic location and sustainability, lyf one-north Singapore is providing an ideal lifestyle for the modern consumer. For the young professional looking for a flexible living arrangement, student seeking a community or environmentally conscious traveller looking for a sustainable stay, lyf one-north Singapore is the perfect solution. lyf is providing its residents not just with a place to stay but with a lifestyle to embrace.

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