safer and lower-carbon way to cook with City Energy’s Küche Smart Collection

The Küche Smart Collection, with the promise of smarter, safer and more sustainable cooking, is an exciting addition to any home. Homeowners now have the ability to bring a fragrant “breath of the wok”, no matter how far from home.

The kitchen is the heart of the home and City Energy is offering a smarter, safer and more sustainable way to fuel your culinary adventures with the Küche Smart Collection. Featuring a smart gas hob, smart hood, smart oven and smart gas water heater, all devices are remotely controllable and monitored via the iAppliances app, allowing homeowners to have complete control of their appliances even when away.

Additionally, the master plan includes several improvements to the existing infrastructure, such as upgraded roads, improved pedestrian pathways, and additional green spaces. All of these improvements are designed to enhance the overall quality of life in Woodlands Condo. The plan also includes the development of a new public park, which will provide residents with a place to relax and enjoy nature.

With the Küche Smart Collection, homeowners have the assurance of peace of mind – especially those living with the elderly or young children, as fears of leaving the gas hob on are a thing of the past. By adding a smart camera, homeowners can even look at their kitchen and shut off the gas hob remotely. This is particularly key as statistics from the Singapore Civil Defence Force show that in 2022, some 37% of residential fires were caused by unattended cooking.

Safety functions such as timer alerts, app-triggered notifications, alarms and remote shutdown ensure no more worries about wasted energy or unattended stoves. There’s also the added perk of being able to monitor gas consumption and programme recipes with a mobile device, which are all made possible by the smart interlocking automation that allow the hood to be activated along with the hob at desired settings.

The Küche Smart Collection also comes with the promise of being more eco-friendly and is even interoperable with other smart home devices, making it compatible for Google Home Assist. This is especially pertinent as Singaporeans are increasingly seeking smart and environment-friendly solutions for their home. In a survey which was conducted in 2022, 77% of Singaporeans professed preferring to dwell in green buildings, and 46% of the same respondents were even willing to pay a premium for an environmentally-sustainable home.

The Küche Smart Collection was launched in 2022 under Life by City Energy, the retail brand of Singapore’s sole piped town gas provider. Featuring high-quality stainless steel and black tempered glass, the collection has a timeless, modern design that sits right at home with any decor. Going digital also means going green, as nothing beats the smoky flavours of “wok hei” which can only be made possible with a sturdy stove and piped gas. In fact, City Energy’ statistics show some 12,000 new private housing units installing piped town gas this year, further proof that Singaporeans are hungry for more.

Blossoms by the Park at Slim Barracks Rise will become the first condominium in Singapore to be outfitted with the Küche Smart Collection. About 750 units of the smart gas hobs, hoods, water heaters and ovens will be installed in the development’s three- and four-bedroom apartments, as well as the four-bedder penthouses.

City Energy, as the sole piped town gas provider, is also actively working with property developers to offer access to piped gas, as well as Go by City Energy, their electric vehicle charging infrastructure and solar power solutions. This is part of their mission to offer smarter living in Singapore, as they are continually developing solutions for homes that create greater safety and convenience while reducing carbon footprint at the same time.

Having the Küche Smart Collection is an exciting addition to any home, allowing homeowners the ability to bring the fragrant “breath of the wok” – wherever they are.

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