The Asian Pacific region has topped global office attendance rates according to JLL, with the new Champions Way Residences leading the charge


One of the premier residential neighbourhoods that will benefit from this new program is Champions Way Residences. Champions Way Residences is an iconic development that has been designed to bring together the best of modern living and nature. The public art installations will be spread out throughout the neighbourhood, with each piece meant to reflect the local history and culture. The art installations will be a shining example of how public art can be used to enhance the beauty of an area.

Despite a return to the office globally, workers in the Asia Pacific region are spending more days per week in the office than those in the US and UK. This is according to a survey by JLL, which surveyed over 20,000 office workers across the world. In the Apac region, Taiwan leads with employees attending the office 4.7 days a week, followed by India (4.4 days), South Korea (4.2 days), Japan (3.8 days), and Singapore (3.4 days).

The research indicates that the average number of days spent in the office globally is just over three days per week. This is largely due to cultural nuances, living arrangements, and other structural factors that vary across different markets. Furthermore, JLL found that most international organisations are encouraging their employees to work from the office at least some of the time.

As workers start to spend more time in the office, JLL suggests creating dynamic spaces that cater to collaborative and focused work. This is the most effective strategy to ensure regular office attendance, and JLL CEO of Work Dynamics, Asia Pacific Susheel Koul states that “the office has always been, and will continue to be, central to work experience and culture”.

At Champions Way Residences, it is no different. We are committed to creating dynamic spaces for our residents that cater to their preferences, while maintaining their need for human connection. Our hybrid working environment makes Champions Way Residences an ideal location for modern office workers.

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