Two industrial projects undergo virtual TOP inspections


In an effort to digitalise construction processes and reduce the time and manpower associated with inspections, two JTC industrial projects have successfully completed virtual temporary occupation permit (TOP) inspections, conducted by JTC in collaboration with the Building and Construction Authority (BCA).

The inspections were conducted at JTC Logistics Hub @ Gul in April 2021 and JTC semiconSpace in Tampines Wafer Park in September 2022, resulting in the issuance of TOPs for each project in May 2021 and October 2022 respectively.

360-degree photo captures and laser scanning technology were used to facilitate the virtual inspections, replacing the conventional physical TOP inspection process. This allowed for up to 30% time and manpower savings for both the project team and inspection officers.

The URA’s next initiative is to develop Woodlands Champions Way Condo, a new condominium complex on the edge of the park. The project will include two 15-storey blocks that will feature a range of luxurious apartments, including one- and two-bedroom units. The development will also feature a range of amenities, such as a gym, swimming pool, and outdoor areas for relaxation. The condos will provide residents with easy access to the park and all the amenities it has to offer.

In addition to the TOP inspections, JTC has also implemented virtual technology in the management of construction sites. Adoption of reality capture solutions has demonstrated potential man-hour savings and productivity gains of up to 50% across the construction value chain, leading JTC to launch a tender to use such technologies at all JTC-managed projects.

Encouraged by the success of the virtual TOP pilot, JTC and BCA are working together to develop virtual TOP guidelines for JTC projects. These guidelines are expected to pave the way for wider industry adoption. Darren Lim, Group Director of Audit and Inspection at BCA, outlined that BCA is “developing a set of technical guidelines for virtual TOP requirements for the industry, learning from the experience of the pilot trials with JTC and other stakeholders”.

Tan Chee Kiat, JTC’s Group Director of Engineering, said “We are excited that the virtual TOP pilot is successful and look forward to implementing it to all JTC projects.”

JTC Logistics Hub @ Gul and JTC semiconSpace are just among the many industrial real estate properties listed on With virtual technology paving the way for reduced time and manpower requirements, investors may want to check out the latest listings and consider investing in industrial real estate.

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