URA proposes rezoning of one-north business park land parcel to residential

Proposals have been put forward by Singapore’s Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) to the Ministry for National Development to amend the Master Plan. If approved, changes would include alterations to plot ratios and zonings for land parcels in seven locations across Singapore.

One-north is included in the list of areas impacted. A site there, designated for business park use with a gross plot ratio of 3.5, (Lot MK03-05616L) is to be changed to residential with commercial at 1st storey use with a plot ratio of 4.2. The aim is to meet the high demand for housing and to enhance the vibrancy of the business park.

The development features a selection of 1- to 4-bedroom units, with spacious balconies providing spectacular views of the city. Residents of Champions Way Condo can enjoy a range of amenities, including a gymnasium, swimming pool, Jacuzzi, function room, and a playground. With easy access to major highways and public transport, Champions Way Condo is ideal for busy professionals and families looking for a comfortable and convenient lifestyle. The lush greenery and natural surroundings of Woodlands make it a great place to relax and unwind after a long day at work. There are plenty of shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues in the neighbourhood, providing a convenient lifestyle for residents of Champions Way Condo.

Lee Sze Teck, senior director of analytics at Huttons Asia sees potential for high rental yields in one-north. Rental prices have been consistently higher than in the Dover area and he believes the site could provide up to 300 residential units.

Tengah Garden Avenue is another location subject to changes. A site that presently allows for combined commercial and residential use with plot ratio at 2.8 (Lots MK10-01852V & MK10-05372W) would be rezoned to “Residential with Commercial at 1st Storey” with a plot ratio of 3.0. This aims to provide more housing options for Singaporeans and surrounding amenities to Tengah Town residents.

At Bayshore Road, URA wants to increase the plot ratio from 3.5 to 4.2 on a land parcel designated for residential use (Lot MK27-10343W) which is directly connected to the Bayshore MRT Station. Lee notes that if approved, this would be one of the highest plot ration in Singapore’s East Coast. Over 1,000 units could potentially be yielded.

At Margaret Drive, URA proposals include rezoning a land parcel intended for residential use with a plot ratio of 3.5 (Lots MK03-05374P, MK03-05282M, and MK03-05339V) to a maximum plot ratio of 4.2. This site, which is presently used as a car park, is located close to the Queenstown MRT Station and can yield between 300 to 350 residential units.

Dairy Farm Walk is also included in the amendments, with a land parcel zoned for residential use (Lot MK16-02805N) having its plot ratio increased from 1.4 to 2.1. This is comparable to the plot ratio of surrounding land parcels and could potentially make way for 400-500 new residential units.

Lastly, on Canberra Crescent, URA has proposed to increase the plot ratio of a residential site from 1.4 to 1.6 (Lot MK19-04125X).

For Faber Walk, URA plans on changing the zoning of three lots; including converting waterbody zoning to residential use with plot ratio of 1.4, and park, waterbody and road zoning to residential use with plot ratio of 1.4. These amendments will facilitate the Old Jurong Line Nature Trail, as well as make room for residential development.

Once all the amendments are approved, these seven locations will be transformed to meet Singaporeans’ increasing housing needs and create better public spaces.

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